12 new homes for Kilmaley Housing Development

12 new homes for Kilmaley Housing Development



An open day will take place at a new development of 12 homes for independent and assisting living for senior citizens in Kilmaley, County Clare, this Sunday (May 4th) at 11.30am.

The new houses bring to 24 the number of Independent/Assisted Living housing units being provided adjacent to the existing Kilmaley Day Care and Health Centre.

The properties has been developed by Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association Ltd. and funded by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

“This purpose-built housing model of accommodation ensures that residents are given the opportunity to live independent lives within a safe, secure and supportive environment,” explained Cllr. Tom McNamara, Director of Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association Ltd.

The not-for-profit voluntary Association was established in 2000, according to Cllr. McNamara, following an identified housing need within County Clare’s largest Parish, Kilmaley.

He added: “We are very proud of what has been achieved during this time and are delighted to officially open this fine development which combines good quality accommodation supported by the on-site day care and health services, allowing residents to enjoy greater independence and peace of mind.”

Cllr. McNamara confirmed that Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association Ltd. has recently submitted a proposal to the HSE and Department of Health in relation to the expansion of existing health services.

The Association is proposing to increase its support for residents by providing 7-day assistance and sleepover presence for residents in the form of a Health Care Assistant, a new full-time Nurse to manage the assisted living housing complex in its entirety and be the onsite clinical advisor, and two new Health Care Assistants to provide cover when the Day Care Centre is closed.

Cllr McNamara recently presented the proposal to the HSE through his Chairmanship of the HSE West Forum. He outlined how the services Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association could provide for €250,000 per annum would cost well over €1m if provided by community hospitals and nursing homes.

He explained: “I argued that Kilmaley Voluntary Housing currently has the infrastructure and the management expertise to keep our 24 residents out of long stay care. What we are seeking from the HSE and Department is €250,000 per annum with all non-pay related costs being covered by rent received from the residents availing of the service. This investment will provide the HSE with massive savings every year while at the same time enable residents to remain in their homes. We are currently awaiting a response to our business plan, which has been formally submitted to both the HSE and Department.”

Members of the public are invited to attend the Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association Development Open Day at An Cluainίn, Kilmaley, Co. Clare, this Sunday May 4th. The event will be marked by Sunday Mass in the Daycare Centre at 11.30am.