Pub confirms ‘erection’ message was a prank

Pub confirms ‘erection’ message was a prank


The pub at the centre of a congratulatory local ‘erection’ message this week is the same one that claimed a €6m lottery prize last year was won by its customers.

Staff at Flanagan’s Pub in Lahinch Co Clare posted a message on Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday congratulating two local councillors on their recent success in the local election.

However, the message actually read: “Congrats to Councillor Slattery on his erection this weekend, a great result for north Clare, and well done to Councillor Nagle also.”

The tweet that Cllr Slattery accepts was just a bit of fun.

While many thought this was a simple typographical error, the messages remained unedited for several hours before the spelling was finally corrected.

The message has also spread across the social media network like wildfire and is now known to have been another publicity stunt by staff at the popular watering hole.

Bar manager Shane Keane confirmed yesterday that the misspelling was intentional but that they do wish both councillors every success.

“It was intentional,” Mr Keane said laughing. “You know how it is, it’s all about getting your name out and business in. Things are still tough out there so it’s all about promoting your business.”

“While it was all a bit of craic, we do genuinely wish Mr Slattery and Mr Nagle the very best and congratulate them on their re-election. They are two popular and hard working councillors for this community,” Mr Keane added.

Cllr Bill Slattery said last night (Wednesday): “I just laughed it off because I know it was a bit of fun. One of the lads in the pub even rang me up and apologised but I know it was a bit of crack.

In fairness, everyone in Flanagan’s was very good to me before and during the election. They posted messages on Facebook asking people for vote for the local candidates,” he added.

Last August, the same pub claimed that it was a syndicate of its customers that won a €6,158,375 lotto jackpot.

A group had posed for a photograph with them holding a lottery ticket and glasses of champagne and claiming they had won the prize. This lead to speculation that the winning ticket was held by staff syndicate or a group of the pub’s customers.

When contacted initially, the pub said they couldn’t confirm whether they had a winner and that the people in the photograph were in Dublin at the All Ireland hurling semi-final and couldn’t be contacted.

Mr Keane later admitted that their bluff had been called and confirmed the photo was staged for a bit of fun.

The real winner, a woman from Limerick, eventually came forward and claimed the jackpot.