Richard Harris festival showcases work of Clare artist

Richard Harris festival showcases work of Clare artist


Two images of Richard Harris by Clare Artist Thomas Delohery are being used to promote the Richard Harris International Film Festival 2014.

The Film Festival runs in Limerick from 24th-26th October 2014. All three of Richard’s sons are expected to attend this year.

Jared Harris of “Madmen, “The Quiet Ones,” “Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows” and “The curious case of Benjamin Button” fame couldn’t attend last year do to being on location in Canada. It was Jared Harris who supplied Thomas Delohery with the personal photograph of his Dad outside a Munster game that inspired the image, “Richard Harris. Munster Forever.”

The title of the piece was inspired by Actor Russell Crowe’s (good friend of Richard’s since making Gladitor together)  tweet “Munster forever !!!” to a Leinster fan when the fan said “come back to Dublin and we’ll bring you to a real rugby game#Leinster Rugby.”

Jared’s reaction to the new art work of his Dad by Thomas Delohery was, “Love this picture. Really captures his spirit.”

Thomas Delohery is hoping to travel from his present home in Melbourne, Australia to attend again this year. Delohery feels “it is such an honour to be asked to do the art work to promote a film festival in Richard’s name”.

Thomas did Five Solo Exhibitions in tribute to Richard in 2006 and 2007. The first one was in Friar’s Gate Theatre in Killmallock in Limerick on the 1st of October (Richard’s Birthday) 2006 opened officially by Jared, Damian and Jamie Harris. The fifth and last show was in Kilkee in 2007. This seemed a fitting place to finish the Exhibitions as Richard saw Kilkee as his spiritual home. Richard’s house in the Bahamas was also named Kilkee.