Shannon to New York flight rerouted via Dublin

Shannon to New York flight rerouted via Dublin


One of Aer Lingus’ Shannon based transatlantic Boeing 757’s was rerouted via Dublin – Photo: © Pat Flynn, 2014

A flight from Shannon to New York had to reroute via Dublin to collected passengers from a flight that had been cancelled.

Hundreds of passengers were affected while a total of three transatlantic flights were cancelled after an Aer Lingus flight to Boston was forced to turn around and return to Dublin on Sunday night.

Aer Lingus flight EI-139 had left Dublin at 4.23pm on Sunday with 280 passengers but just over two hours into the journey the crew had to make a u-turn.

The pilot reported that ‘a number of cabin crew members” had fallen ill and it’s now understood that seven of the eight flight attendants on board had complained of feeling unwell.

It has also emerged that two passengers later reported feeling sick after the plane had landed and were offered medical assistance.

The Airbus A330 landed back in Dublin at 8.40pm and was met by medical personnel. The cabin crew members were assessed and given the all-clear by medics before being allowed home.

The flight was later cancelled while engineering staff inspected the aircraft in an effort to establish why the flight attendants became ill. The flight had to be cancelled as a result.

Aer Lingus is continuing it’s investigation into the incident and one of the possible causes being looked at is whether the crew members were affected by fumes in one of the aircraft’s galley areas.

As a result of the incident, a total of three flights were cancelled affecting hundreds of customers some of whom had to cancel or reschedule their travel plans.

Sunday night’s flight EI-138 from Boston, due in Dublin at 8.05am yesterday, had to be cancelled because no aircraft was available.

The airline then cancelled it’s Dublin to New York EI-109 service yesterday while the Airbus A330 assigned to that service was seconded and used as an additional flight on the Boston route.

The aircraft at the centre of Sunday’s incident returned to service yesterday and operated as flight EI-139 departing shortly before 5.00pm.

The second Airbus A330 flew affected passengers onto Boston at 4.30pm, operating as flight EI-2139, while others were accommodated on the EI-135 Shannon to Boston service.

However, as a result of the New York flight being cancelled some customers were forced to rebook flights.

The airline’s New York service from Shannon (EI-111) flew via Dublin to take on some passengers while others, but not all, were accommodated on flights through other European hubs. Some were due to continue to New York on today’s EI-105 service.

Aer Lingus said it had no choice but to do this because they were short an aircraft.

While the airline originally said several crew members complained of feeling unwell, one passenger reported on Twitter: “Aer Lingus concerned about crew on Boston flight but not about passengers. I still feel sick.”

Aer Lingus confirmed last night (Monday): “Two passengers did complain of feeling unwell in the baggage hall after the flight had returned. They were offered paramedic assistance.”