Drivers escape parking fines after computer glitch

Drivers escape parking fines after computer glitch


One of the tickets issued in Kilkee at the weekend and showing a date and time stamp from 2004

A software issued resulted in parking tickets issued at one of the country’s most popular seaside resorts, showing a date and time stamp over 10 years old.

Clare County Council has blamed the problem on a software glitch with the device the lone traffic warden was using while patrolling the West Clare resort of Kilkee over the weekend.

The warden had to deal with an influx of as many as 10,000 people and as a result, dozens of illegally parked vehicles.

As well as the regular weekend visitors and holidaymakers, an estimated 1,200 people along with hundreds of family members and friends were in Kilkee for the ‘The Hell of the West Triathlon and National Triathlon Championships.

With cars parked in every available space, legal and illegal, the warden started issuing tickets from his handheld device.

However, after noticing that time stamps from 2004 were appearing on the tickets, the warden reverted to pen and paper to issue any further fine notices.

Clare County Council has confirmed the error but said that just 7 tickets were electronically issued in Kilkee over the weekend but that all of them had an incorrect date and time stamp.

The authority confirmed: “Staff have had problems synchronising ticket dispensing machines. There’s a software glitch on hand held devices.”

The council has also said that anyone who received a ticket over from the faulty device will not be expected to pay the €40 fine.

“The Council reverted to manual tickets when the error was noticed so manual tickets will continue to be issued until the electronic hand held is sorted,” a spokesman added.

One motorist said: “I was parked in the East End carpark and paid my €2.50 but I still go a ticket. To be fair, my ticket might not have been displayed totally correctly but I still had it.”

“Either way I got a parking ticket that was dated over 10 years ago and the time stamp was 2.34am. I suppose if I challenged it I wouldn’t have to pay so it’s good to hear the council won’t be pursuing me over this,” he added.

One triathlon participant said: “I saw a lot of tickets being given out and people were talking about how the traffic wardens were very strict. You’d think there’d be some allowance for the fact that such a big event was on.”

Clare County Council employs traffic wardens on a full time basis in Ennis, Kilrush, Ennistymon and Lahinch while the authority appoints wardens at Miltown Malbay and Kilkee from for the May to September period.



  1. They should fix the road and sort out the barrier that’s stopping access to slip before they start charging people to park..