One Parent Family Payment cuts come into force

One Parent Family Payment cuts come into force


EUROThis month, over 7,000 recipients of the One Parent Family Payment will lose the payment across Ireland.

The loss of the One-Parent Family Payment is the result of measures announced in previous budgets, but which come into effect this month.  The eligible age for a child in many one-parent family is being reduced this year to seven and for all one-parent families, seven will become the maximum eligible age this time next year.

A lone parent earning €200 per week net income and combining part-time employment with the One Parent Family Payment and Family Income Supplement will see a loss of more than €70 per week.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) says the impact of the measure will be “most keenly felt by heads of one-parent families who are in low paid employment, who will see their income reduce significantly.”

SVP Head of Social Justice & Policy, John-Mark McCafferty says: “It is now more difficult for lone parents with low earnings potential and high levels of caring responsibilities to access employment, education or training and undermines Government’s own policy of addressing unemployment and joblessness in disadvantaged households.

Mr. McCafferty also said that families with children, and in particular those headed by a person parenting alone, are the largest group requesting help from the SVP.

“One parent families are one of the groups that have been hardest hit by the recession and the austerity measures that have followed. They are also the group with the highest rates of poverty in Ireland.

“According to the EU Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) people in lone parent families tend to have the lowest disposable income in the state and the highest rate of deprivation.”

In its Pre-Budget Submission for 2015, launched last month, SVP asked for measures to support those in low income work, tackle unemployment and provide supports and opportunities to jobless households.