Dog survives 300ft plunge into sea

Dog survives 300ft plunge into sea


Back on dry land after his 300 foot fall from a cliff near Dunlicky, Kilkee

A dog was rescued yesterday after falling into the Atlantic from a 300 foot cliff in Co Clare and survived.

The alarm was raised at around 3.30pm when a member of the public rang the emergency services to report that a dog fell over the edge at Look Out Point, Dunlicky near Kilkee

It’s understood that the pooch, a family pet name Vimes, got away from his owners and and got to close to the cliff edge.

The dog lost his footing and plunged 300 feet into the sea below and was lucky to have avoided the cliff face on the way down and rocks at the base of the cliff.

The Irish Coast Guard marine rescue sub centre at Valentia Island in Co Kerry was alerted an in turn requested the the Kilkee unit of the service to mobilise.

The volunteer service quickly launched it’s rescue boat for what was their 10th callout in a week.

Rescuers raced to the scene in an effort to locate the animal but were unable to find him immediately. They then discovered that the hardy animal had managed to make ashore at the base of the cliff.

Coast Guard personnel set about devising a plan to recover the dog to safely reach and rescue Vimes.

About an hour after the alarm was raised the dog was taken on board the rescue boat and taken back the slipway at Kilkee where he was reunited with his owners apparently uninjured.

It’s understood the dogs owners are from Limerick.


Kilkee Coast Guard members return with Vimes safe and well after his ordeal.

A Coast Guard spokesman said: “We got a report that a dog had fallen from the cliff at Look Out Point which is around 300 feet or more high. We launched our boat a went to the scene to investigate. We searched for the dog and found that he had made it ashore at the base of the cliff.”

“We made a plan to recover the dog and did so successfully. The dog didn’t appear to be hurt but was happy to see us. We brought him back to our base in Kilkee and reunited him with his owners,” the spokesman added.