Ennis to host Mental Health public information event

Ennis to host Mental Health public information event


St Patricks Mental Health Services

St Patricks Mental Health Services has announced a series of free Public Information events including one in Treacys West County Hotel, Ennis on Thursday 25th September.

The event welcomes both GP’s and the general public. The talk will include presentations by Paul Gilligan CEO of St Patricks Mental Health Services, Dr Dympna Gibbons Ennis Associate Dean Clinic and Professor Jim Lucey Medical Director of St Patricks.

Paul Gilligan said, “Our recent research has shown that 65% of those surveyed say that being treated for a mental health problem is viewed by Irish Society as a sign of failure and only 54% hold the view that Irish people would willingly accept someone with a mental health problem as a close friend. These results clearly show that the stigma of experiencing mental difficulties directly inhibits people from seeking the help they need to get better. This urgently needs to be redressed if the wellbeing of the population is to improve.”

Paul continued, “We feel, as professionals working in the mental health sector we have an obligation to inform and educate the public on all matters related to mental health and wellbeing. Everyone is entitled to good mental health. It’s never too late or too early to seek support from people who have the knowledge and skills to empower you to enjoy life again.”

St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services is committed to providing the highest quality mental health care, to promoting awareness of mental health and to advocating for the rights of those who experience mental health difficulties.

Dr Dympna Gibbons, stated, “I will be speaking about anxiety and depression and the signs and symptoms. Recognising the early onset signs of anxiety and depression can make a vital difference in a person’s recovery”.

Also presenting at the upcoming event, Professor Lucey commented, “Empowering people with the tools and the knowledge of early detection and intervention is a vital step on the road to recovery for many. In recovery we learn to overcome our mental distress and unlock the power of the brain so that we once again are able to live, work and love. You are not alone, we are here to support you every step of the way.”

The planned presentation provides continued professional development (CPD) for General Practitioners and is also open to the public, with an opportunity to participate in a questions and answers session.

Registration and refreshments commence at 6:30pm. The talk will start at 7pm, in the Abbey Room.