Video captures feeding frenzy in sea off Loop Head

Video captures feeding frenzy in sea off Loop Head


seaDolphinwatch Carrigaholt sent us this video taken by Richard Creagh of a feeding frenzy involving bottlenose dolphins off Kilclogher on The Loop Head Peninsula.

Among the animals seen feeding at Loop Head over the past few days were dolphins, basking sharks, blue fin tuna, sea birds, minkes, sunfish, leatherback turtles and pilot whales.

Richard Creagh commented: “This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, not very exciting in this video but anyone who knows bottlenose dolphins will know that this is a lot of animals in one place. There were three big groups around the boat for 10-15 minutes, with gulls and gannets diving on the unfortunate fish (mostly mackerel it seemed).”

According to Dolphinwatch Carrigaholt: “We will head out there to experience this “Pelagic Magic” at 12:00 on Sunday. Please contact us if you want to join this amazing opportunity!”