Same jet diverts to Shannon twice in three days

Same jet diverts to Shannon twice in three days


BA-48 at Shannon 23/11/14 - © Pat Flynn 2014
This British Airways jet diverted to Shannon twice in three days – © Pat Flynn 2014

A London-bound passenger jet has made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport this morning.

It was the second time in three days that a the same British Airways Boeing 777 plane diverted to Shannon after experiencing technical problems over the Atlantic.

British Airways flight BA-48 was en route from Seattle, Washington to Heathrow Airport when the crew reported a problem shortly before 10.00am.

The pilot requested permission to divert to Shannon after reporting a problem with an engine which they confirmed they had shut down.

There were 220 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 777-200 jet.

Emergency services were standing by at Shannon when the flight touched down safely at 10.24am.

On Friday night, the same jet, operating as flight BAW-215 from London Heathrow to Boston, turned around over the Atlantic and also diverted to Shannon.

The crew reported a fault in one of the jet’s generators and requested permission to dump fuel and divert to Shannon.