Clare singer wows The Voice judges

Clare singer wows The Voice judges


SARAH THE VOICESarah McTernan wowed the judges on The Voice of Ireland on RTÉ ONE last night with a cover of ‘Who You Are’ by Jessie J.

Originally from Scariff, Sarah gave a stunning performance which made all four judges turn their chairs around in an attempt to get her on their respective teams. Not every participant in the show impresses the judges enough to make them turn around which highlights actually how striking Sarah’s exhibition was.

In the aftermath of Sarah’s appearance on the show, all four judges were full of praise for the twenty year old. Solo singer and member of S Club 7, Rachel Stevens complimented Ms McTernan on both her style and voice. “I absolutely loved that, you have such an incredible voice, a gorgeous tone. I love your style; I love what you’re wearing. I really loved it. I can see you’re nervous but you used everything you had to really go for it”.

Westlife member, Kian Egan explained why he felt Sarah’s display was so effective. “That was incredible to have a girl who doesn’t too much stage performances coming out and you sang it with meaning, that’s the thing that got me about it the most. You were quiet quirky in the verse but when you got into the chorus it was just another level and it kept going and going. You’ve got a great unique style, a great vibe about you and you’re not overly confident which is a brilliant thing and I think you’re going to go very far in this contest”.

Tipperary native and singer with The Saturdays, Una Foden outlined her belief that Ms McTernan had what it takes to win the competition. “That was absolutely amazing but I have to say no girl has won this show and you can change all that with that voice. You sound to me like a polished performer”.

Former frontman with The Blizzards and solo singer/songwriter Bressie urged Sarah to get more self-belief in order to be successful in The Voice of Ireland. “It’s hard to win this show but you have to potential to win it. Just get a little self-belief and take it as a blessing that you have a voice like that”.

Speaking exclusively to The Clare Herald, Sarah McTernan admitted that she has grown in confidence since the audition. “My confidence has grown I think not only in terms of performance but as a person. I’m not all there yet baby steps but I’m so happy to have gotten through the blinds so grateful. It has helped because I genuinely wasn’t expecting to get through”.
Sarah received a fantastic reaction from the judges and is still in disbelief over the positive remarks. “The reaction was amazing it was so surreal, you’ve no idea how much I loved SClub7 and Westlife as a child. I literally watched the SClub7 movie a million and one times, Rachel was my favourite and for your childhood idol to say all them nice things is unreal. And Kian its just unreal words can’t describe how I felt, and how I feel watching it back is just unreal it’s all a blur from the excitement I literally replayed it like ten times I still can’t believe it”.

Twenty year old, McTernan is thrilled to be representing her country on the national stage. “Representing Clare that’s big, that’s an overwhelming feeling. I love Clare to have an opportunity to represent it that’s a good feeling I just hope I can make everyone proud, I have so much support from people at home friends and family it’s so nice I’m so blessed”.

After a struggle, Sarah chose Rachel Stevens as her mentor and has praised the support she has received from Ms Stevens. “I need guidance with performing and confidence I’m so awkward and suffer from nerves she’s given me a lot of very good advice! She’s so nice”. Sarah added that it was the fact that Stevens was so genuine that she decided to join her team.

Looking towards the other competitiors, McTernan is under no illusions that she is up against serious talent. “Everyone is so talented I have spent so much time with the other contestants at this stage, there such a talented bunch of people it’s crazy”.

A very honest and humble individual, when asked about her chances of winning the competition, Sarah stated “I don’t know there are so many talented people in the competition I’m so grateful to be a part of it, still in awe of the reaction I’m so passionate about singing, maybe we’ll have to see”.

Currently employed at Penneys, Sarah McTernan is certainly one of Penneys best as her performance clearly highlighted.

The Voice of Ireland is produced by Screentime Shinawil and airs on RTÉ One on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm.

Watch Sarah in action below.