Notify lined up for Glór gig

Notify lined up for Glór gig


Padraig Rynne's Notify & Pauline Scanlon by Con Kelleher
Padraig Rynne’s Notify & Pauline Scanlon by Con Kelleher

Musical collaborators Pauline Scanlon and Lissycasey’s Padraig Rynne with his band NOTIFY will perform in glór on 5th March as part of a specially commissioned concert series in support of their new EP.  

Special guest John Spilliane will also be performing and tickets are now on sale (E15 Booking: 065 6843103 and

A four track EP ‘Pádraig Rynne’s NOTIFY & Pauline Scanlon’ is on release and available to stream and to buy from Bandcamp & iTunes.

The tour and EP are the result of a 6 month writing collaboration between Pádraig Rynne & Pauline Scanlon, two leading lights of Gaelic and folk music.  At the crossroads of Traditional Irish Music and ambient electronica, the two along with Padraig’s band Notify have merged traditional music with electronic soundscapes into a new form of music which Pádraig has dubbed ‘Folktronika’.

Recipients of an Arts Council of Ireland and Northern Ireland Traditional Arts Touring and Dissemination Award, Pádraig Rynne’s NOTIFY and Pauline Scanlon have been funded for their ambition to contribute to the development of new, young and urban audiences for Traditional Irish Music.  Scanlon and Rynne, both leading figureheads of the new Irish Tradition, breathe fresh life into Gaelic music and song, with “a musical tapestry that ranges from soft melodies to crashing crescendos”.

Centred around the wizardry of concertina player and electronic sound designer Pádraig Rynne and the stunning vocals of Gaelic folk singer Pauline Scanlon the duo are anchored by NOTIFY – Cillian King on guitars, Eoin Walsh on bass and Shane O’Sullivan on drums.  NOTIFY’s debut album was nominated in December 2014 for Best Traditional Album by the Irish Times.  Together the ensemble delivers an evocative repertoire of original compositions, re-arranged traditional tunes and Irish language songs, produced with sensitive electronic overlays and inventive arrangements that are “cinematic in scope” (New York Echo)

The EP ‘Pádraig Rynne’s NOTIFY & Pauline Scanlon’ comprises four pieces: The Carrington Event is an instrumental inspired by the solar storm of 1859, composed by Pádraig and melding influences of  mainstream, Breton and Irish music.  Soundscaped audio throughout the track bring a new sense of sound rarely heard side by side with the Irish concertina.

The Limerick Rake is an old traditional song brought into the present with a contemporary arrangement seemlessly moving from a sparse vocal to groovier beat.  It tells of a rogue from Limerick and his relationship with the ladies around him. A Rake indeed!  Advanced Knowledge / The Right Of Way two melodies from Pádraig’s pen act as an answer and call to each other. From distorted keyboards to swirling concertinas, this instrumental wouldn’t be out of place on a Rihanna album!  Bog Braon is a sweet simple lullaby Pauline associates with her childhood in West Kerry.