Shannon Man Pens Life-Changing Book

Shannon Man Pens Life-Changing Book


Author, Daniel Brennan with his book 'Think, Grow, Live'.
Author, Daniel Brennan with his book ‘Think, Grow, Live’.

Daniel Brennan, a native of Shannon, Co Clare has just released a book ‘Think, Grow, Live’ which aims to help individuals to unlock their potential while it also encourages those who read the book to make the most of every day.

Twenty year old Brennan refuses to let his young age hinder what he wants to achieve in this world, this book being a clear sign of this. Not many people his age would contemplate writing a book, let alone a piece of work that has the potential to transform so many lives. That is something that makes both Brennan and his book stand out from all the rest.

When speaking exclusively to The Clare Herald, Daniel Brennan outlined the main focus of the book. “The book focuses on taking 100% responsibility for your life. It helps you to realize your dreams and goals. I then show people how they can use affirmations to set their intentions. I talk about many other ideas such as mindfulness, staying present, scheduling and overcoming obstacles. Throughout the book I lay out a template which will show you how to implement each idea into your life”.

A former student of St Caimins Community School in Shannon, Brennan admits that the whole area of self-development was something that intrigued him. He says that the decision to drop out of the University of Toledo in Canada acted as the catalyst and the trigger for putting his thoughts on paper and to start writing.

‘Think, Grow, Live’ has no particular target audience and is suitable for all ages. Reading this book will help people to do what the title says. While it may suit certain age demographics more than others, it is definitely a book that is capable of helping all ages.

In his first major outing as a writer, Daniel Brennan has only positive memories of the whole experience, “The experience was enjoyable and it opened my eyes to my own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others around me. Although, there was a lot of late nights, it was really enjoyable and made my awareness of myself and my surroundings, much clearer”.

For Daniel, the main goal is not financial gain but to have a positive effect on those who read ‘Think, Grow, Live’. “If this can positively impact just one life, that’s my job done. But the more lives that I can have a positive impact on, the better. I want people to buy into the idea that it is a much more enjoyable life when you work towards goals, dreams and aspirations rather than merely existing each and every day”.

Writing this self-help book has even allowed Brennan to help himself as he has learned to value each day as it comes. “Writing this book has allowed me to appreciate every moment of every day, rather than always looking for the next thing, the next weekend, or the next holiday. Obviously you need to have things to look forward to, but cherishing every moment of each day is the greatest experience ever”.

Daniel has recently launched a new company called ‘Unlock Your Potential’ (UYP) which is similar to the book in that it aims to bring the best out of people and helps them to do this and gives advice on the steps needed in order to adapt to a positive lifestyle.

As he looks to the future, the main goal in life for Daniel Brennan is to become a professional golfer. A former attendee of the Darren Clarke Golf School in Antrim, golfing professionally has always been Daniel’s dream. Having shown such an incredible amount of work in putting this book together, there is nothing to say that Daniel Brennan will not join the great names of Irish golf in the near future.

‘Think, Grow, Live’ is available to purchase from and, It is available in both paperback format or kindle edition. For more information on Daniel, visit his website Below is the promotional video for the book. For many, this may be their first time hearing the name ‘Daniel Brennan’, it won’t be the last.