Jet in emergency landing at Shannon

Jet in emergency landing at Shannon


Emergency services along with coastal search and rescue units were put on alert yesterday after an executive jet suffered technical problems over the Atlantic.

The Dassault Falcon 900EX jet, with six passengers and crew on board, was about an hour northwest of Shannon when the pilot declared an emergency.

The 21-seater jet, registered to Constellation Leasing in Rochester, New York, is understood to have been flying to an airport in the UK when the crew reported an issue with its fuel system.

Airport emergency crews were standing by for the jet which landed safely at 3.45pm.

The Irish Coast Guard marine rescue coordination centre on Valentia Island in Kerry placed the Kilrush RNLI lifeboat on standby as a precaution.

The Kilrush RNLI lifeboat was placed on standby for the emergency – Photo: © Charlie Glynn

While on approach to the Shannon the jet descended below its assigned altitude for a brief time. The crew told controllers they they had inadvertently descended about 100 feet below the altitude they had been cleared to.

Engineers were standing by to investigate the problem while arrangements were made to fly the jets passengers onto London on board a scheduled service.

The executive jet is known to be a regular visitor to Shannon Airport where it has previously made technical stops while en route to and from the US.

Commenting on the call out, Pauline Dunleavy, Kilrush RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said: ‘I would like to commend our crew for their quick response this afternoon in getting to the station and preparing the lifeboat for launch.  Thankfully the aircraft was able to make a safe landing today.’

Last September, Irish Coast Guard and RNLI stations along the west coast were placed on standby when a private jet suffered an engine failure over the Atlantic.

Local authority fire crews from Ennis and Shannon along with ambulances from Limerick and Ennis were also mobilised to the airport for the emergency.

The chartered business jet, with 8 people on board, landed safely.