Best viewing locations for Ennis Parade

Best viewing locations for Ennis Parade


ennis paradeTwo designated viewing areas are being made available this year to enhance the spectators’ experience during the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Ennis, which starts at 11am this coming Tuesday.

There will be a large designated viewing area along Newbridge road (between Club Bridge and Steele’s Terrace). This viewing area will afford perfect views of the parade and participants with the river and Club Bridge in the background. The location is in close proximity to the Stage at Steele’s Terrace where live traditional music will be performed from around 10am.

The viewing area will have crowd control barriers and will be marshalled. The parade organisers say it’s an ideal location for families with young children and buggies to congregate. They will have a more pleasant viewing experience here as there will be more space and fewer people viewing compared to narrower more crowded locations along the parade route and people are still in close proximity to the Town Centre.

A Designated Disabled Viewing Area will be established at the Height (O’Connell Square) for disabled spectators for the duration of the parade. The location is in front of the O’ Connell monument and the area will have barriers around it. Access to the area will be marshalled and parade organisers ask that only those who have a genuine need to use the area would request access. Space here is limited so spectators wishing to avail of this facility should arrive early.

Traffic, Parking and First Aid in Ennis during Parade

Parking arrangements are as follows:
The designated Disabled parking area is located at Ennis Courthouse, Lifford Road, Ennis which will be open from 8.30am. This can also be used as a temporary parking facility for families who want to park while dropping children to the parade assembly point at the Clare County Council offices on new Road.  Access is via Kelly’s Corner. Spaces here are limited so please only use this facility if you genuinely need to.

Public Car Parks and on-street parking is free on the day.

In the event First Aid is required at any stage there will be Civil Defence personnel and an Ambulance on duty throughout the parade. The designated First Aid point will be at Bank Place.

There are a number of defibrillators being placed along the parade route under the control of the Clare Civil Defence along with those in permanent positions in the town.

Ennis Road Closures on Tuesday 17th March 2015

Road closures in Ennis on St. Patrick’s Day will come into effect from 8am and will occur on a rolling basis and according to requirements. Roads will be re-opened as soon as possible following the parade.

•    Steele’s Terrace/Newbridge Road (from Kelly’s Corner roundabout to the Club Bridge)
•    New Road from its junction with Tulla Road to Newbridge Road
•    College Road (local access only)
•    Mill Road in an easterly direction from the Maid of Erin roundabout to its junction with Bindon Street
•    Harmony Row
•    Abbey Street
•    Francis Street from Francis Street car park to Abbey Street,
•    O’Connell Square
•    O’Connell Street
•    Upper O’Connell Street
•    Old Barrack Street
•    Upper Market Street
•    Lower Drumbiggle Road
•    Station Road from its junction with O’Connell Street to its junction with Friar’s Walk.
•    Garraunakilla Car Park (0800-1600)