Clare Hurlers Display A United Front

Clare Hurlers Display A United Front


clarehurlingA joint statement by the Clare Senior Hurling panel and management has been released this evening highlighting that the group are in agreement with how the recent departures of Davy O’Halloran and Nicky O’Connell were dealt with.

It is believed that the panel and management held a meeting prior to training in Sixmilebridge yesterday morning where it was decided to release a statement. Last week both Davy O’Halloran and Nicky O’Connell left the Clare hurling panel due to a disciplinary issue.

Following his exit from the squad, O’Halloran of the Éire Óg club in an interview with The Irish Times on the day of Clare’s crucial NHL clash with Dublin, claimed that he had been “humiliated” by the treatment he received by manager Davy Fitzgerald. O’Halloran added that he was refused access to the team’s changing rooms and forced tog out separately and was prevented from having any dialogue with the other members of the panel.

According to Davy O’Halloran another member of the panel was not punished for a similar offence. “We just thought it was double standards, one rule for us and a different rule for someone else just because he was a pivotal part of the team and we weren’t at the time basically”.

Speaking in the aftermath of Clare’s victory over Dublin, manager Davy Fitzgerald stated his belief that management were entirely fair in their actions. “We as a management would be very fair in what we do. There are rules there and that’s it. I’m very very happy that we have done everything correct and I know that the players are very happy with that as well”.

Four days later, the happiness that Fitzgerald had spoken about, has since been confirmed by the players in the statement released this evening which also maintains that there have been numerous inaccuracies in a former player’s statement and in the media. Joint Captains Patrick Donnellan and Cian Dillon have signed the released statement along with Davy Fitzgerald and his selectors Michael Browne and Louis Mulqueen.

Both players and management are now happy as a united group to move forward and to continue to enjoy working hard for Clare hurling but they wish for the matter to be closed so that they concentrate on the upcoming NHL tie with Kilkenny.

The statement in full reads; “The Clare Senior Hurling Panel and Management have met on the recent disciplinary issues that have been aired in the Public Domain.  All involved are happy that the matter was dealt with fairly. While there are numerous inaccuracies reported in the media, on social media and in a former player’s statement, the matter is now closed and we as a group are all happy to move forward united and to continue to enjoy working hard for Clare Hurling”.