US military jet makes emergency landing

US military jet makes emergency landing


Photo: © Pat Flynn 2015
Airport crash crews were backed up the units of the fire brigade from Ennis and Shannon – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2015

A US military air-to-air refuelling aircraft has made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport this afternoon.

The crew of Boeing KC-135 declared an emergency at around 11.00am reporting a problem with the jet’s hydraulic system.

As many as 30 emergency vehicles were standing by for the jet when it landed safely at 12.24pm.

Fire and ambulances crews from Clare and Limerick were sent to the airport along with local gardaí.

Shannon’s main runway was left blocked for about 30 minutes by the jet which was left without steering after landing.

The plane had to be towed from the runway by a tug before incoming flights could land. There was however no significant impact on airport operations and the runway was reopened by 1.00pm.

Just last Saturday a US military C-130 Hercules turbo-prop plane made an emergency landing at Shannon after the crew was forced to shut down one of it’s engines over the Atlantic.