Moran confident Irish Water charges will be stopped

Moran confident Irish Water charges will be stopped


r29Sinn Féin’s General Election candidate, Noeleen Moran, speaking at Saturday’s Right2Water protest in Ennis, claimed Water Charges “can be stopped and will be stopped”.

As the latest figures on commercial and domestic water charges show the likelihood of between 30-40% non compliance for payment of water bills will, according to Moran, prove that Irish Water will fail to cover their operational costs.

Ms Moran said, “Sinn Féin’s, published bill to repeal water charges and for there abolition, will be the first item to be introduced by a Sinn Féin government.”

Moran also said that Sinn Féin, is “highly sceptical” of a proposal to take water from Lough Derg, to meet the needs of the citizens of Dublin.

Ms Moran said, “One of this governments failures, is that it doesn’t have any national spatial strategy. In order to achieve a better balance of social, economic and physical development across the country, and supported by more effective planning. Most of the development as a result has occurred in an adhoc inequitable fashion and has been concentrated east of the Shannon.” she added.

“90% of job creation has taken place on the East coast, while the West is being ignored for jobs and development. The Shannon and Lough Derg are a major local resource to the Clare region. In Dublin 40% of water is lost even before it reaches the taps of householders due to leaks. So there is little point in pipping water all the way from Lough Derg to Dublin to have it empty straight out of the system.”

Noeleen Moran continued. “Dublin is owed 300million, in outstanding commercial water rates and the Capital, would be better off focusing on a new monies owed collection plan to fund the fixing of leaks and then to subsequently invest this money wisely in a conservation strategy first before seeking to siphon away resources from ‘the West’. It makes more sense for County Clare and the region, to utilise a resource such as Lough Derg to attract jobs to what is our economically deprived local region.”