GALLERY Thrilling air display at Shannon Airport

GALLERY Thrilling air display at Shannon Airport


Shannon Airport delivered an air display extravaganza on Saturday to mark a key milestone in Irish aviation history, the 70th anniversary of the first commercial transatlantic flight at the Clare airport.

In addition to the sky manoeuvres on the day, there was plenty of on-the-ground action, including a static aircraft and tank display, children’s entertainment area, live music and a catering zone.

The second air show in as many weeks in the region will take place next weekend when the Foynes Air Show takes place on Sunday, 26 July.

Authentic World War Two airplanes, Aer Lingus’ first airplane and one the largest search and rescue (SAR) training exercises ever undertaken in Ireland are among the highlights of the second annual Show.

Hosted by Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum, the Air Show will also feature aircraft displays from across Europe, along with some of the world’s top aerobatic pilots.


  1. I attended the Air Display at Shannon on Saturday and was extremely disappointed. I have attended quite a number of Displays both in the U.K. and here in Ireland, including the display at Shannon 25 years ago, and this was by far the worst display that I have ever attended. The content was so poor that the organisers were forced to show most of the acts twice, the commentators apart from the Team Raven person were poor and unprofessional and seemed to be just reading from the printed programme, the gaps between the acts were too long, the action seemed to take place too far from the spectators. In all, I was totally bored and left the display some time before the end as did the majority of the spectators. The parking arrangements were also not good and I had a 30 minute walk from where I was instructed to park to the viewing area, surely there is plenty of space on the airfield to organise a temporary Car Park.