Tyrell says Cusack can unlock potential of Clare hurlers

Tyrell says Cusack can unlock potential of Clare hurlers


Jackie Tyrell
Jackie Tyrell

Nine time All-Ireland medalist Jackie Tyrrell feels the addition of Donal Og Cusack to the Clare management team will allow for the potential within the side to be unlocked.

Kilkenny man Tyrrell says that Clare can return to winning ways if the dynamic is right between Donal and Davy Fitzgerald. “I think if he and Davy Fitz can get the dynamic right, it could be a great thing for Clare because they have serious talent.”

The James Stephens man, who was speaking to TV3, is of the view that Donal’s proven reputation as a top-quality analyst of the game will be a huge asset in his new role within the Clare management team. “Everyone was surprised. Donal Óg is an iconic figure in the GAA world, he’s a hugely, deep thinking hurling guy”.

He continued “If they could blend and get on for the sake of Clare hurling then it could be a great move for Davy because Donal Óg will bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to that set up “He’ll probably think outside the box which Clare probably lacked.”

One of the main critique’s pointed towards Davy Fitzgerald and his management has been the sweeper system which left an inside full-forward line with at most two players.

A Fitzgibbon Cup medalist under Fitzgerald at LIT, Jackie says Clare will now be able to come up with a plan b.

“When they had their sweeper system and that became unstuck, they had no real plan B so Donal would think all that out and if the different scenarios come up, what way would they come around different teams. He lives and breathes hurling.”