Eamonn giving online Spoon Carving Classes

Eamonn giving online Spoon Carving Classes


A new suite of online spoon carving and knife sharpening classes has been launched by Hewn.

Éamonn O’Sullivan has been teaching in-person spoon carving workshops for the past 6 years and has many 5-star reviews on Google. Now, he’s going online!

There are seven classes available, catering to different levels, including beginners spoon carving, advanced spoon carving and knife sharpening. Knife Sharpening Skills 1, for instance, is suitable for everyone! Who wouldn’t benefit from being able to sharpen their own kitchen knives.

Classes range from 1.5hr to 3.5hrs. Participants can choose an evening class or combine two classes to fill a Saturday, for instance.

“With live Zoom classes, you get the feel and the benefit of an in-person class without having to travel or worry about Covid,” Éamonn said.

All tools and materials are sent via post ahead of time and then all you have to do is join a live session with Éamonn. Gift vouchers are also available as a practical gift.

The following classes are currently offered:

Knife Skills 0 (Carving a Butter Knife)

Knife Skills 1 (Carving a Spoon)

Knife Skills 2 (Advanced Spoon Carving)

Axe Skills 1 (Roughing Out a Spoon)

Axe Skills 2 (Advanced Axe Work)

Sharpening Skills 1 (Straight Knives)

Sharpening Skills 2 (Curved Knives)

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Éamonn O’Sullivan taught himself to carve spoons in 2013, soon after graduating from University. He has a BSc from NUI Galway but learned all his most valued skills from the University of YouTube.

After falling down a very deep rabbit hole of medieval and renaissance woodworking, he emerged to begin Hewn in 2014. Since then, he has developed everything that Hewn is, from the carving itself to designing the logo, to the website, to the photography.

His work is now featured in several of Ireland’s top restaurants, including Aniar, Aimsir and Ichigo Ichie. He is co-author of Forge and Carve, a book about heritage crafts.. His spoons form part of the extraordinary collection of Norman Stevens, author of A Gathering of Spoons.

Also available in the range are, among other things, The Ultimate Cooking Spoon, The Round Server, The Coffee Scoop and the Willow Porringer, a hand carved bowl that fits beautifully in the hand.