Dramatic N18 incident captured on camera

Dramatic N18 incident captured on camera


Dashcam still of the incident. Image c/o ‘Not fit state to play’ user on YouTube

A video uploaded to YouTube has captured the dramatic moment a motorist drove the wrong way along a busy dual-carriageway in Co Clare.

Three vehicles were damaged but their occupants escaped serious injury after they tried to avoid the oncoming and speeding Mercedes car on Wednesday morning last.

The alarm was raised at around 9.30am when Gardaí received as many 20 calls from motorists reporting the vehicle travelling the wrong way along the N18 Limerick to Galway road near Bunratty. The car was reported to have been driving at speed and erratically and changing from the inner lane to the outer overtaking lane.

One motorist, going by the YouTube username ‘Not fit state to play‘, has uploaded a dashcam recording to the video sharing site showing the car travelling at speed towards them.

Shortly after, a motorcycle garda spotted the speeding Mercedes and gave chase. The Mercedes continued to junction 15 at Crusheen where he left the motorway while still being pursued by the motorcycle garda.

The driver travelled up a country road before he was forced to stop in a cul-de-sac. As additional garda resources arrived, the man was taken from his car and arrested.

The car was stopped near Crusheen following a garda chase – Photo: © Pat Flynn, 2014 (File image)

In 2012, an elderly man drove over 10 kilometres on the wrong side of the same section of the N18 and only the quick actions of other motorists avoided causing a massive pile-up .

In October 2009, a 72-year-old woman was killed after she mistakingly drove almost 5 kilometres on the wrong side of the N18 (now M18) near Ennis.

Two years later, the National Roads Authority (NRA) installed new vehicle activated warning signs, on a trial basis, at junctions 13 and 14 on the M18 in an effort to cut down on the incidence of wrong-way or ‘ghost’ drivers.