Three rescued after falling from jet ski

Three rescued after falling from jet ski


Kilkee Coast Guard rescued the man and two children and brought them safely ashore – © Pat Flynn 2014

A man and two children had to be rescued from the sea yesterday (Sunday) after they were thrown from a jet ski.

The man in his 50’s along with two 12-year-old boys were on board a jet ski in Kilkee Bay in Co Clare when the accident happened.

The alarm was raised at around 2.20pm when a member of the public on the shore witnessed the incident.

The three had been riding around the bay when suddenly they were thrown from the jet ski into the sea. All three were wearing flotation devices and didn’t appear to be injured.

Their jet ski however continued without them before the engine returned to idle power, leaving it drifting in the bay.

The Irish Coast Guard’s marine rescue coordination centre on Valentia Island in Co Kerry alerted the Kilkee unit of the service to the incident.

Volunteers assembled at the Coast Guard station and quickly launched their rescue boat. They raced to the scene and soon had all three casualties on board.

Another rescuer manage to locate and secure the jet ski and return it to shore.

The three, believed to be a father, son and friend, were taken on board the rescue boat and brought safely ashore at the slipway.

They were assessed by first responders and showed no visible signs of injury. All three were said to have been left shaken by the incident.

It’s understood they managed to cling on to a small boat that had been anchored in the bay and stayed there until rescue services arrived.

A Coast Guard spokesman said: “This could have been worse but for it happened in the bay not far from the pier. If it had happened further out, they would have had nothing to cling on to and it’s possible that they mightn’t have been spotted as quickly.”

“It’s important that anyone who sees another person or persons in difficulty in the water, that they call 999/112 straight away. The sooner we can launch and respond, the better chance we always have of rescuing someone and preventing a tragedy,” the spokesman added.