Shannon accepts aircraft as Dublin suspends flights

Shannon accepts aircraft as Dublin suspends flights


© Pat Flynn 2015
Some of the 11 flights that diverted to Shannon last night – © Pat Flynn 2015

Shannon Airport accepted a total of unscheduled flights last night after they were forced to divert of Shannon because of high winds in Dublin.

Two flights were forced to abort their landings at Dublin Airport where winds were reported to have been gusting up to 47 knots (87 kmh).

A Stobart Air flight from Edinburgh was on approach to Dublin when strong cross winds forced it to abort it’s landing and enter a holding pattern.

An Aer Lingus was also forced to abandon it’s approach as winds worsened and eventually forced the temporary suspension of flights at Dublin.

The airport tweeted: “Flight operations temporarily suspended due to severe gusty winds at DublinAirport. Passengers advised to check airline’s website for updates.”

With as many as 20 flights in holding patterns over the Irish Sea, some crews opted not to wait any longer and divert to their alternate airports.

Shannon Airport accepted a total of 11 diverted flights from Dublin with hundreds of passengers then forced to travel to Dublin by bus.

Flights forced to divert to Shannon included Aer Lingus services from Brussels, Dusseldorf, Madrid and London. The airline confirmed that all their passengers were transported to Dublin by bus while the aircraft repositioned to Dublin later.

Passengers from Aer Lingus Regional flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Birmingham, which are operated by Stobart Air, were also bussed to Dublin.

Two Ryanair flights also had to make unscheduled stops at Shannon however they returned to Dublin later in the night.

A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt also diverted to Shannon.

Services that opted to landed in Belfast included Aer Lingus flights from Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris as well as a CityJet service from London City Airport.