Aer Lingus to drop Boston service over Easter

Aer Lingus to drop Boston service over Easter


Photo: © Pat Flynn 2015
A Boeing 757-200 jet used by Aer Lingus on it’s Shannon to Boston route – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2015

Aer Lingus has been slammed for its blatant disregard for customers and continuing lack of commitment to Shannon after confirming it will temporarily suspend the airport’s only year-round route to Boston during Easter.

Aer Lingus will suspend operations between Shannon and Boston for all but one day between March 29th and April 8th for what have been described as ‘operational reasons.’

It’s understood however that the airline needs the Boeing 757-200 jet that usually operates the route, for another service from Dublin

As a result, all flights between Shannon and Boston for ten days, with the exception of April 2nd, have been cancelled.

Aer Lingus says it’s in the process of contacting those customers who will be affected by the cancellation and that alternative options are being offered.

A spokesman said: “For operational reasons we have had cancel flights between Shannon and Boston on 10 days between 29th March and 08th April. The flight on 2nd April is not impacted.”

“We are currently communicating directly with customers impacted by the cancellations. We have made a number of alternative travel options available to impacted customers including alternative routings or alternative dates of travel,” the company said.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and are doing all possible to minimise the disruption to customers’ travel plans,” the airline added.   

Clare Labour TD Michael McNamara said: “This is indicative of the attitude Aer Lingus has to Shannon and it’s concerning. Will Dublin continue to be promoted at the expense of Shannon?”

“Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh said only recently, when asked about the airlines commitment to Shannon, that Aer Lingus would satisfy the demand at Shannon because if they didn’t, they feared someone else would.”

“This development calls the veracity of that assurance into question. Aer Lingus really needs to show it’s full commitment to Shannon because I would be worried that this attitude would continue to Shannon’s detriment after any takeover by IAG,” Mr McNamara added.

Fianna Fáil’s Transport spokesman Mr Timmy Dooley TD has expressed anger at what he describes as “Aer Lingus continued flippant treatment of Shannon Airport and it’s customers.“

“This goes to show once again how Shannon is treated by Aer Lingus. Why couldn’t the airline make alternative arrangements and lease in an aircraft? This sends a very poor message to regular travellers on this route,” Deputy Dooley said.

“The actions of Aer Lingus management further underline the necessity to retain the State’s shareholding in the airline to protect the connectivity interest of the region. If Shannon is being treated in such a flippant way under the current arrangement one would wonder what might happen if the state shareholding was sold,” he added.


  1. Timmy Dooly, you’ve lost me again: the government are a shareholder at present and can’t stop this; so your point is not well made. FF sold Aer Lingus; as demonstrated by Timmy so eloquently above, the current 25% has no bearing on commercial decisions like this one. Stop crying Timmy, you spilled the milk; move on.

    • Indeed with all due respect the point is very well made and just because you happen to disagree with it hardly invalidates it.

  2. Was due to fly with EI to Boston around that date. If they cancel my flight they can forget seeing anymore of my money. (c. €17,000 PA on flights). Maybe United would appreciate my business more!

  3. This route has been suspended not cancelled, which may well have been the scenario had IAG taken control of Aer Lingus. The retention by the state of the 25% holding was to ensure that the airline operated in the interests of the Irish economy and served the population of Ireland. It would, in my opinion, be rash in the extreme for the Government to sell its stake in the company when IAG have provided no meaningful undertakings on this proposed deal.

  4. What people seem to forget is that Aer Lingus is no longer owned by the State and therefore doesn’t have to complete every whim the government desires. They exist to make money and if there is more money to be made in Dublin, then send the plane to Dublin. If the SNN flights were making money over Easter, they’d stay there. They are a business, not a charity.