Council took control of 23 housing estates in 2016

Council took control of 23 housing estates in 2016


Twenty three residential estates were taken under the control of Clare County Council in 2016.

Responding to a request for the information from Cllr Michael Hillery at the January meeting of the local authority, Gerard Dollard the Director of Economic Development with the council told Hillery. “Twenty three residential estates were taken in charge by resolution of the members at meetings of the Municipal Districts in 2016”.

A taking in charge means that the planning authority takes control of the infrastructure and public areas associated with a particular development. The facilities to be taken in charge include; public roads and footpaths, public water supply – foul and storm water drainage, public lighting, waste water treatment plant and associated buffer zone, public open spaces, potable treatment plants and any associated protection zone, unallocated surface parking areas and fires services.

Funding under the National Taking in Charge Initiative (NTICI) for 12 estates was received from the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government in two stages during 2016 following a submission to them by the Planning Authority early last year.

According to Dollard, “The County Council are arranging for works to be undertaken on all twelve estates that were awarded NTICI funding. Works have been completed on seven of the estates in 2016 and have commenced on the remaining five. Six of the 12 estates have been taken in charge and the statutory process has commenced for the taking in charge of the remaining six. It is the intention of the Planning Authority to continue to progress the taking in charge of residential developments to satisfactory completion in the interest of the residents concerned”.

Hillery stated that a total of one hundred and seventy estates need to be taken charge. The Fianna Fáil councillor is worried that “monies coming in from central funds will prolong the situation”. He believes an appeal should be made to the government for “adequate funding” as it must be increased to take control of the issue in his view.