Heavy rain causes spot flooding in Ennis

Heavy rain causes spot flooding in Ennis


Flooding on the R352 at Corrovorrin today – Photo: © Pat Flynn 2018

Fire crews and a specialist contractor had to be called out to clear flooding on an essential artery in and out of Ennis Co Clare following heavy rain this afternoon.

The main R352 road, which links Ennis with East Clare and the M18 motorway, was affected by spot flooding in several areas particularly beneath a railway bridge at Corrovorrin.

The flooding caused traffic chaos and raised tensions as motorists tried to use the same footpath to get around the flooding.

Gardaí were called to scene to help with traffic flow.

An ambulance responding to an emergency was able to negotiate the flood but its progress was hampered by the heavy build up of traffic.

Photo: © Pat Flynn 2018

Over an hour after the torrential downpour began and was first reported on social media, a specialist contractor and two units of the fire brigade were mobilised to deal with the flooding. A council road sweeper, capable to pumping water, was also deployed to help clear the road.

By 5.30pm the road was largely cleared of water with traffic moving well in a single lane.