Bunratty singer to feature in RTÉ documentary

Bunratty singer to feature in RTÉ documentary



One of the longest-serving members of Bunratty Castle’s famous singing troupe is set to star in a major documentary series which will air Monday 21st of January on RTÉ One.

Lynne Connolly, who has performed at Bunratty for more than 20 years, was five months pregnant when she filmed ‘One Day: Showing Ireland Off’.

The third in a new series, it follows a typical day for the people who wine, dine, entertain and show the sights to holidaymakers.

Tourism is big business and Ireland has never been so popular. Almost a quarter of a million people – or 10% of the workforce – depend on tourism for their livelihood.

These are the people who, front of house and behind the scenes, 24-7, show Ireland off.Monday at 9:35pm

Posted by RTÉ One on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Up to 3,000 tourists will visit Bunratty Castle and Folk Park in one day. Two out of every three come from either Ireland or the USA. In just one day, the Bunratty singers will also serve up around 900 ribs and close to 300 pieces of chicken.

By 8pm, Lynne has already served more than 140 hungry tourists at their famous medieval banquet. After a quick break, cameras follow her as she gets ready for the second banquet of the evening.

“As soon as you’re down in that banquet hall, and the hustle and bustle, you get a boost of energy,” she tells the cameras. “It’s like you feed off the audience.”

One Day goes behind the scenes to examine the complex network of services that are essential for life in Ireland today. Filmed at multiple locations over a 24 hour day, each episode highlights one specific industry – Beauty, Cleaning/Waste and Tourism – from the perspective of the people who are expected to deliver the 24/7 service and standard we’ve come to expect.

‘One Day: Showing Ireland Off’ airs on Monday 21st January 2019 at 9:35pm on RTÉ One.