The ‘Magic of Making it Happen’ at Ennis Book Club Festival

The ‘Magic of Making it Happen’ at Ennis Book Club Festival


Photo: Diarmuid Greene

The opening of the Ennis Book Club Festival was alight with a celebration as it also fell on International Women’s Day.

‘Make It Happen 2020’ was the first event of the festival and it set the tone for an inspirational weekend with connection over coffee and a panel discussion.

The organiser of the event, Ennis solicitor and co-author of Success University for women, Sharon Cahir, commented, “When the idea for this gathering of women to connect and inspire each other to celebrate International Women’s Day was born last year, I thought about the feeling I wanted people to get in the room. The energy and feedback from the attendees surpassed my expectations. Something magic happened in the room between the audience and the panel.”

This event drew authors from Canada and the USA to Ennis as well as the beloved actress Lise-Ann McLaughlin best known in her former role in Fair City. The panel of international female authors and writers shared their own stories of change and encouraged women to connect with each other and their dreams to live the life they want.

“The legacy of change as a woman who moved to the city from a US farming country with my husband was a huge cultural change. The courage it took to change is still ongoing. Being identified in our roles can be difficult to adjust,” shared the panellist, Danne Reed.

Make it Happen 2020 witnessed Carla White, Canadian author of Reignite your Spark, Danne Reed, American creator of Fashionably Late, Lise-Ann McLaughlin, Irish actress and screenwriter and Niamh Ennis, writer and podcaster demonstrate that regardless of international divide, women face the same challenges but can create opportunities to be their best self.

While each of the speakers had a very different story of how their life has changed, they all spoke about a journey to discover what they wanted and the process to make it happen.

Event attendee Mary Healy commented, “We all get caught up in the daily routine of life and it’s great to come away from that to look at the possibilities available to us and how to ignite these possibilities. I certainly got great inspiration from the speakers today.”

To close the event, Sarah Corcoran from Sarah Corcoran School of Singing got a standing ovation after her uplifting rendition of “This Is Me” a very fitting song for the conversation of the event.

“The event as such an outstanding success it has made it evident that there is a appetite for more events like these in the area.” Sharon Cahir concludes.