New initiative to help survive the economic crisis and reboot

New initiative to help survive the economic crisis and reboot


A new initiative has been launched in an effort to address the economic fallout resulting from the current health crisis.

Covid-19 Business Response’ has been established by Loughlin Nestor who believes that now, more than ever, current business communities and core strategy planning has sharply changed focus.

“Business has changed utterly. How we start-up,  adapt, create and model business strategy now will ultimately determine our immediate, short and long term viability. The choices you make now need to be decisive. We can’t let ourselves revert to a model that is already outdated. Speed of action and implementation are the key drivers and we are here to help,” Mr Nestor said.

Covid-19 Business Response is a vital hub of support that focuses on businesses adapting to this crisis by providing tools, technology , a collaborative online community, advice , funding routes and a roadmap to implement and navigate through these very challenging times and into the recovery and reboot phase”

Loughlin Nestor said: “At present we live in a contracting and shrinking marketplace. Essential services are thematic, supply chains are disappearing. The longer business stay rooted in a period of stasis the inevitability of reshaping and reinventing once recovery starts is very slim. Governments around the world are under increasing pressure to stem the economic free-fall by way of stimulus packages, and frontline support agencies are at full capacity.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. By providing a complementary solution, working in partnership with business ecosystems, we can help address the immediate and long term challenges for business,” he said.

“Coronavirus has changed the business environment fundamentally. ‘Challenging times’ is one of the most overused expressions to put context on the impact of COVID19. We all use it. But the reality is far starker than the descriptive narrative. Every business on a global footing or local footprint, from start-ups to established SMEs will be impacted.

Not one industry sector is immune, several are very vulnerable. Far different than the 2008 financial crisis, our recovery and subsequent economic growth, measured to a large degree by Foreign Direct Investment has become overheated, perhaps redundant in many rural areas. Ireland will see levels approaching 950,000 on the live register due to the fallout by Q4,and the economic downturn has not come to fruition as of yet,” Mr Nestor added.

“This new portal provides all you need to manage your existing business or start-up, pivot and model for the new days we find ourselves in, take absolute control of your direction with help and advice through its online community. The need to start implementing now is critical to a successful outcome. Success at this time can be defined as keeping your business alive at all costs, to carve out a niche in a different local and global marketplace. Activating now is the mantra. Many businesses will be left behind unless they don’t.

In a collaborative approach , any service provider – businesses who provide support services such as Remote Working, IT, Web Development, marketing, e-commerce solutions for instance , our immediate advice for you is to join the Slack channel and promote yourself. Likewise if you need help, funding or support services , register online. Extraordinary times , let’s not wait, activate,” he said.

The team behind this initiative are founders of start-ups, SaaS technologies, trainers, advisors , entrepreneurs and business owners. People and businesses who have failed, have gone through tough times, navigated through the recession years, learnt the hard way and who can provide innovative roadmaps to help you pivot and adapt.