Coast Guard deals with two incidents in Killaloe

Coast Guard deals with two incidents in Killaloe


Photo: © Pat Flynn 2019

The Killaloe unit of the Irish Coast Guard was called this afternoon after being requested to check a vessel that may be taking on water due to heavy rainfall in the past week.

The owner of the vessel, who is not from the county, was unable to attend to the vessel due to level 5 travel restrictions and requested assistance from the Coast Guard.

Members made their way to the area by road and found the vessel to be almost full of water.

The crew used water pumps to help drain the vessel and left it secure close to their base at Pierhead Killaloe.

A Coast Guard spokesman said: “We would encourage all boat owners, if it’s possibl and within the 5km restrictions, to check their vessels after this weekends heavy rainfall.

If anyone needs assistance, they can contact the Coast Guard.”

Meanwhile, on Friday, Killaloe Coast Guard volunteers were alerted at around 1.00pm to assist a vessel south of Killaloe Bridge.

A boat crew launched from Pierhead, Killaloe and was alongside the vessel within minutes. A crew member was transferred to the casualty vessel and after a tow line was set up the vessel was towed back to Killaloe. Assisted by a shore team the vessel was safely moored in Killaloe.

The Coast Guard advises: “If you see someone in difficulty, please call 999/112 and ask for the Coast Guard.”