Ireland’s first conservation volunteering gathering taking place in Clare

Ireland’s first conservation volunteering gathering taking place in Clare


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Burrenbeo are excited to announce the first ‘Working for Wellbeing of People and Place’ event which will take place on August 12th and 13th in the Burren.

The event will look at the benefits for both people and place of conservation volunteering and engaging communities in place.  Speakers to date include Stuart Brooks of the John Muir Trust, and the event will also feature workshops, discussions and social gatherings. Conservation volunteering is a community-led initiative that brings people together with a shared vision of caring for their surroundings.

Burrenbeo Conservation Volunteers firmly believe in community-led conservation practices, training and upskilling on the conservation of the local built, natural and cultural heritage, connecting with others and sharing the work load.

This year the Burrenbeo Conservation Volunteers are hosting the Burren’s first conservation volunteering event entitled ‘Working for Wellbeing of People and Place: Celebrating Active Conservation Volunteering’ to showcase the positive impact volunteering can have and also providing discussions on how to mobilise community initiatives further and learning from other inspiring projects throughout the country and beyond.  The keynote speaker will be Stuart Brooks, the CEO of one of the largest conservation organisations in Britain, the John Muir Trust.

Kate Lavender, Burrenbeo Conservation Volunteer Coordinator says “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the Burrenbeo Conservation Volunteers to host such an event and to have Stuart attend, pulling active community-led conservationists together from all over the country and learning from one another. This event will demonstrate the exciting research which explores the impact active conservation practices can have on the local species, environment and indeed the communities which practice it”.

Lavender added “It will also harness the practical ‘learning by doing’ in one of Ireland’s most iconic landscapes – the Burren, an opportunity many will be eager to experience. It aims to demonstrate the value behind  getting people outside, mixing with other like-minded people in their community – in a space where there are no boundaries, restrictions or limitations- all working together for the common good of our environment and landscape”.