McKee comments criticised by Israeli group

McKee comments criticised by Israeli group


irish4israelA member of Clare County Council has been criticised for comments he made following the recent visit to Clare by the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland.

Sinn Féin’s Mike McKee has come under fire from Irish4Israel, a group that was founded in 2010 to provide grassroot support for Israel in Ireland. The criticism follows comments made by Cllr McKee to The Clare Herald in the aftermath of the visit of Israeli Ambassador Ze’ev Boker to Clare County Council.

The Clare Herald has obtained a letter sent to all elected members of Clare County Council by Irish4Israel condemning Cllr McKee. It states “Israel is a country that imports over 1 billion euros worth of products from Ireland and has become in recent years a vital country as we have sought to grow our tourism industry”.

Irish4Israel references several meetings between Sinn Féin representatives and Israeli political parties and Ambassadors.

“In June 2016, members of the Israeli political party Likud met with Sinn Fein activists in Belfast. Pat Sheehan West Belfast MLA also met with Likud members under the auspices of the London based think tank Forward Thinking. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams sent a Christmas card yearly to the Deputy Ambassador of Israel in Ireland while she was in Ireland.

“Also a little ironic as the woman was Jewish and didn’t even celebrate Christmas. Gerry Adams has meet the Israeli Ambassador to Britain and to Ireland as has Martin McGuinness. Gerry Adams has also visited Israel where he met the Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog,” an Irish4Israel spokesman said.

McKee has also been accused by the group of being a ‘hypocrite’.

“This recent publicity seeking outburst by Cllr McKee seems to be nothing more than populism and point scoring when one considers the hypocrisy of his own party leaders and activists regularly meeting Israeli government and political figures.

“I very much doubt Cllr McKee intends to organise a protest against his own party leaders meeting Israelis. Or is there one set of standards for Sinn Fein leaders and another for everyone else? In fact why didn’t he use the Clare Herald to also condemn members of his own party doing exactly what he claims to be against the Mayor of Ennis and the Cathoirleach of Clare doing. Essentially, meeting Israelis, discussing trade, tourism and engaging in dialogue,” the spokesman added.


  1. Politics in this country generally stinks but politics by Sinn Fein are a whole lot more sinister. Israel is a free, open and liberal democracy of 6 million with equal rights for all her citizens.

    • David M Israel is the most vicious, inhumane regime on Earth. And Zionism is built on lies, deception and bribes, which it can well afford due to $3+ billion annually from U.S. taxpayers. The idea that Sinn Fein leaders could have a quiet (secret) word in Netanyhu’s ear and Israel would stop the slaughter, genocide and war-crimes against the most abused people on Earth, is totally absurd. ‘Irish4Israel’? A contradiction in terms since the vast majority of Irish people – along with the majority of decent people of human compassion and empathy worldwide – utterly condemn Zionism. As do, many Jews worldwide since Zionism is a political movement using the Judaism as an excuse and a recruitment tool.

  2. How foolish of you to expect intelligence or cohesion within Sinn Fail,
    These Clowns couldn’t join the dots 😉
    Otherwise, a great article.

  3. “Israel is a country that imports over 1 billion euros worth of products from Ireland and has become in recent years a vital country as we have sought to grow our tourism industry”.

    So lets ignore Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, it’s daily violations of Palestinians human rights and it’s numerous war crimes committed in Gaza, after all it’s not like we ever went through anything like that and hey we’re in the money so who cares about other peoples human rights and lives.

  4. I’m absolutely disgusted that Clare County Council welcomed the Israeli ambassador to CoClare knowing well the ongoing multiple crimes against humanity Israel has committed against the Palestinian people. Why, as recent as the summer of 2014 Israel collectively punished the entire population of Gaza murdering over 2000 civilians including 550 innocent children. They bombed schools, hospitals, ambulances, UN shelters, offices, apartments, factories, electricity supply plants, water purifications plants etc etc. It was etcnic clensing on a large scale supported by the West. That Clare CoCo welcomes their ambassador sends the wrong message to the world.

  5. Anyone who tried to engage in meaningful debate about the occupation of Palestine, the hopes for peace or a two state solution on the Irish4Israel facebook page is immediately blocked.
    Its a Zionist propaganda page pure and simple.

    Its great to see Zionism is suffering under the sustained and successful international campaign of Boycott and Divestment, at this rate the Israeli masses will eventually wake up to the fact that an apartheid state in this day and age has its days numbered!