Decrease in the amount of animals impounded & euthanized in Clare

Decrease in the amount of animals impounded & euthanized in Clare


DogCo Clare has seen a reduction in the amount of animals impounded and euthanized in recent years.

Fewer dogs and horses are being taken in by the authorities in the County with figures falling each annum since 2013 a year when more dogs were euthanized (452) in Clare than in the vast area encompassing Metropolitan London (320).

In 2014, 471 dogs were surrendered in the Banner County, 522 were seized, a total of 993 were impounded and 270 were euthanized. 792 dogs were impounded in 2015 with 180 put down by authorities. Figures from 2016 as far as the end of August state that 274 dogs have been surrendered, 250 seized with 524 and 100 impounded and euthanized respectively.

A dog is surrendered to the pound when it is handed over by a member of the public. A dog may be seized and taken to the pound when the Warden is called out and no individual claims ownership of the animal.

To date all dogs received at the Co Clare shelter have been successfully re-homed. The euthanized figures represent dogs that have been seized on grounds of biting incidents, livestock worrying, aggression or welfare grounds.

Three years ago thirty five horses were impounded and euthanized, the figure rose to forty seven last year. Figures dating to the end of August for 2016 reveal that nine horses have been impounded this year with eight put down.

For Clare County Council to impound a horse, An Garda Síochána must ask the Council to carry out the action, having declared to be stray under Section 37 of the Control of Horses Act 1996.

Fianna Fáil Cllr Cathal Crowe is glad to have seen a reduction in the figures. “In recent years I have raised the issue of animal impounding and euthanising at Council meetings on an annual basis. It’s good to discuss the issue and hopefully in the process, generate more public awareness of animal welfare”.

He told The Clare Herald “I have urged Council officials to make more use of the Council’s website and Twitter account to advertise dogs and horses in need of rehoming. Hopefully parents will also avoid buying puppies as Christmas presents for the children. The old adage that “a dog is for life” still holds huge relevance”.