Scór is dying a slow death

Scór is dying a slow death


Anne Hayes. Photo: © Pat Flynn 2016

Change is required to revive the GAA’s Scór competition if it is to have a future according to delegates in the county.

Speaking at the annual Clare GAA Convention, Cultural and Irish Officer with the County Board, Anne Hayes led the call for change with the competition and delegates were more than happy to give their backing.

Lissycasey proposed the motion “that the GAA’s talent competition Scór in its present format be abolished and replaced by a 20/30 minute show incorporating music, song, dance and drama”.

Hayes who is also the Lissycasey delegate told those present at The Auburn Lodge “Something needs to be done, to revive it, or do something with it and the reason for this motion is to stem debate on it”.

Scór is a GAA competition that combines all the colour and rivalry of Gaelic Games with the social/fun element of Ireland’s traditional past-times. The competition was established in 1969 with the aim of promoting Ireland’s traditional pastimes and culture while offering club members the chance to meet up, have fun and represent their club during the winter months while sporting activities had ceased.

There are eight events/disciplines in Scór that cover all aspects of Irish culture: Figure/Céilí Dancing, Solo Singing, Ballad Group, Recitation/Scéalaíocht, Léiriú Stáitse/Stage Presentation, Instrumental Music, Set Dancing and Table Quiz. The competition is divided into two age levels, Scór na nÓg, for young people under 17 and Scór Sinsir, for those over 17.

Anne has been a long-time supporter of the competition and is one of the main organisers in Clare for running off the county finals and preparing teams for Munster and All-Ireland Finals.

She informed delegates that a motion had made it to Congress two years ago but was suddenly removed from the Clár despite having the backing of the six counties in Munster. “We assume and presume it will be taken out again. It’s dying a slow death”.

“There is something wrong somewhere along the line. Maybe if we had a show, a club event and a team event, maybe it might stem a bit of interest back in the Scór competitions” Hayes concluded.

Naomh Eoin delegate Gabriel Keating declared his support for the motion. “Scór has been great down the years, but life is changing, especially rural life. Back in west Clare, in the peninsula we run a show for forty five minutes, exactly what Anne has proposed”.

Keating added “Maybe Robert Frost might have some influence to get it on the Clár. It is a great motion and it might be just what we need to revive our culture”.