Free Wi-Fi being rolled out in Ennis Town Centre

Free Wi-Fi being rolled out in Ennis Town Centre


Free public Wi-Fi is being rolled out to Ennis town centre as part of a wider plan to introduce open internet access to several other Clare towns.

Open Wi-Fi access was recently introduced to the Upper Market area of Ennis with plans to extend the free service to Parnell Street and Carpark, Abbey Street and Carpark, O’Connell Street and O’Connell Square during the coming weeks.

Clare County Council, which is funding the initiative, is working with local businesses to install the Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to draw shoppers and businesspeople to the town.

Mayor of Ennis Councillor Ann Norton said, “This is a brilliant initiative that will further enhance the experience of visitors to the town. Most people have a smart phone or tablet nowadays and therefore, this facility is likely to prove to be very popular.”

Ennis Chamber President Jean McCabe added, “Ennis Chamber warmly welcomes the public Wi-Fi service as it will help to attract people into the town centre and encourage them to stay longer which can only be good for business. Ennis needs this type of creative thinking and investment in infrastructure to make sure it is well positioned to compete with other large urban centres.”

Urban McMahon, Clare County Council Broadband Officer said the service has been designed to provide members of the public visiting Ennis with a free, easily accessible and reliable Wi-Fi service. “The service taps into the high speed broadband infrastructure in the town and will be available to use 24/7. It is anticipated the facility will also enable Clare County Council and the local business community to promote the town and county in the future,” he added.

Mr. McMahon said the Rural Development Directorate of Clare County Council will be introducing a similar service to other Clare towns throughout 2017. The Clare Herald understands that the Council are to select five towns though none of these have yet been chosen.