‘Impossible to cross the road’ at Cahercalla Cross

‘Impossible to cross the road’ at Cahercalla Cross


Pic: Gary Collins

Pedestrians are finding it increasingly difficult to cross the road from Kilrush Cross to Cahercalla Cross due to the speed cars driving by are travelling at.

Speaking at the February meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, Cllr Ann Norton flagged the issue which she feels is also trapping people inside in their housing estates. “There is no pedestrian crossing or pelican crossing from Kilrush Cross to Cahercalla Cross/Coote’s Shop. There are countless estates with elderly and young people living there.

“It is almost impossible to cross the road on foot let alone get out of Cahercalla Heights due to the speed cars travel in and out the road at”, the Independent Cllr stated. Norton queried whether it would be possible for a pedestrian or pelican crossing to be put in place at the location by Clare County Council.

Senior Executive Engineer, Eamon O’Dea replied saying “The Municipal District Office will carry out speed surveys on this section of the Kilrush Road and see what mitigation measures may assist pedestrians in crossing the road. These proposals will be reviewed by the Road Design Section. There was a similar concern on Circular Road and the provision of interactive electronic speed signs has assisted at this location”.

Supporting Cllr Norton, Fianna Fáil’s Tom McNamara highlighted that with traffic lights already in place, a pedestrian crossing should be there alongside the lights. His party colleague, Pat Daly reiterated McNamara’s suggestion.