Free self-help course for migraine sufferers in Ennis

Free self-help course for migraine sufferers in Ennis


The Migraine Association of Ireland has confirmed they will host three free innovative Self Help Course for Migraine Sufferers in Ennis next month.

Do you suffer from Migraines?  Do you feel unable to manage your condition? Do you experience isolation and feel that your condition is misunderstood by family, employers and colleagues?

If you are suffering migraine, cluster headache or other headache disorders then come along  to our free 3 week Self-Help Course which takes place everyThursday on the  4th, 11th & 18th May , 7-9pm in the Hotel Woodstock, Ennis, Co.Clare.

In the first week, the staff of the Migraine Association will discuss general treatments, medicines and therapies currently available to Irish sufferers and explore dietary and lifestyle adaptations to reduce migraine attacks. There will also be an opportunity to discuss and share your personal stories of migraine and discover what treatments and therapies are working for others.

The following week, Nurse Ethna Mitten from the Migraine Clinic, Cork University Hospital will facilitate a session where she will offer information and advice on medications for migraine and other medical treatments such as Botox and Occipital Nerve Blocks.

For the final weekButeyko Breathing expert and coach, Eoin Burns  will introduce participants to the benefits of Buteyko Breathing for self management and reduction of migraine. The Buteyko Breathing method can help relieve tension in the body, particularly in the neck and shoulder area where tightness can be a trigger for migraines. The oxygenating effects of Buteyko can also have a healing effect on the brain and help minimize the anxiety many sufferers feel when they know a migraine attack is imminent.

Tickets are available to book on Eventbrite or call 1850 200 378.

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