Video: Cliffs of Moher among greatest landmarks

Video: Cliffs of Moher among greatest landmarks


Cliffs of Moher

An elite video platform has placed a stunning video of the Cliffs of Moher among its carefully curated portfolio of must-visit landmarks, stunning cityscapes and paradise beaches, in a move that puts the Irish destination firmly on the international map.

Filmmaking duo Piotr Orlinski and Karolina Kulawick, who call themselves ‘OOPS!Sidedown’, captured the film whilst on an evening coastal walk along the cliffs in County Clare. The footage has been picked up by Travideo; a platform which meticulously curates its travel content so as to showcase only the best films capturing the most breathtaking locations across the globe.

Travideo is giving filmmakers a unique opportunity to showcase their best travel films to a captive audience of travel devotees. The Traideo team selects the highest quality travel videos shot by the most talented filmmakers, so that users can travel the world and uncover hidden gems through an immersive travel-by-video experience.

Travideo hopes to give new film-making talent an opportunity to share their films and gain exposure, whilst showing little-known destinations and beautiful landscapes in their best light in order to attract visitors from around the globe. Viewers are able to get a taste of diverse cultures and hidden gems, perhaps inspiring them to book a trip to a new and exciting destination.

By only selecting the best videos and most desirable destinations to be featured on the platform, Travideo aims to help visitors cut through the noise when looking for helpful travel content online; whilst giving filmmakers a unique new forum for their work, and destinations the chance to be shown in a stunning new light for the benefit of travel buffs looking for their next adventure.

Paulo Palha, founder of Travideo, commented: “Too many of us have limited experiences when it comes to travel. I wanted to create Travideo to give people an opportunity to see the world in all its beauty. With Travideo, I’m hoping to encourage people to get inspired and think outside the box when it comes to picking their next holiday destination.

“We want to shine a spotlight on some of the best kept secrets around the world and allow travellers to see amazing destinations they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed or felt compelled to visit.

“The sheer amount of irrelevant content that people find when searching for ‘Indonesia’ on, for example, YouTube, makes it almost impossible to source great destination videos when you’re searching for your next trip. At Travideo, we only host the best of the best, meaning you’ll only see beautifully shot content that provides an insight into famous locations as well as hidden gems.

We’re confident users will be totally drawn in by the stunning videos we’re hosting on the site. There’s so much filmmaking talent out there, so we’re all about giving these people additional exposure, too.”

Travideo isn’t Palha’s first venture into the travel industry. He created another popular travel website,, which allows travellers to browse for hotels with the most breathtaking views.

Visit to try out the interactive map* and see the incredible content for yourself.


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