Exciting art series for children on TG4

Exciting art series for children on TG4



Ár Scéal is a new and original Irish language live action series produced by Meangadh Fíbín for TG4.

This ambitious series follows presenter, Úna Ní Fhlatharta, in her funky art-filled van, as she visits 52 primary schools nationwide to collect delightful stories, lovingly illustrated by the children themselves. All stories are newly written by the award winning children’s author Patricia Forde.

Each episode sees Úna and the children draw inspiration from their unique story to create imaginative and innovative artwork that will allow the story to come alive. Both Úna and the children enjoy creating and making before they eventually listen to the story being told in full by one of the schoolchildren. These beautiful art projects can easily be attempted by the young audience at home or in the classroom.

Meangadh Fíbín are also delighted to introduce Niamh Ní Fhátharta, a fresh new animator from the Aran Islands, who has taken the childrens’ art work and created a wonderful animation to complement their story. The combined efforts of the children’s artwork and newly created animation is a wonderful addition to the children’s narration of their story.

Darach Ó Tuairisg, producer with Meangadh Fíbín said “We are extremely proud about this exciting series which connects Cúla4 na nÓg and TG4 with its young audience.  We hope the viewer will have as much fun watching the series as we had producing it. Young people’s programming is a key element of public broadcasting and it’s great to see TG4 embracing this. This series shows young people on screen and highlights both the diversity and similarities of young Irish speakers from all over the country”.

Ár Scéal encourages both reading and creativity in its young audience and reflects TG4’s commitment to producing indigenous content for it’s Young People’s schedule.

Ár Scéal was commissioned by TG4 with the generous help of the Section 481 film relief fund.

Ár Scéal will air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Monday 29th October on Cúla 4 na nÓg at 9:15am