Lucky escape for shoppers and driver after garage incident

Lucky escape for shoppers and driver after garage incident


Several people had a lucky escape yesterday after a car crashed into the front door of a filling station supermarket in Shannon Co Clare.

The driver was also uninjured after her automatic car collided with a concrete bollard before crashing through an automatic door and side panelling. The small red car had been parked at the petrol pumps before it suddenly moved forward.

A short clip of CCTV footage from the shop, which has been circulating on social media, shows how one young man in a green top had a fortunate escape.

He had been walking towards the door when he changed his mind and walked back in to shop. Seconds later the car smashed into the building.

The footage also shows two other men were very close to the door at the time. One was standing at a coffee machine to the right of the entrance while another was approaching the front door from the other side.

After the initial impact, the car rolled back and stopped about ten feet from the door. Another motorist ran to the car immediately to check that the driver was alright. The woman, believed to be from the town, was left shaken but unhurt.

It’s understood, according to a source who was at the scene, that the woman had only recently acquired the vehicle and that she wasn’t used to driving an automatic car.

No one was injured in the incident.

Gardaí have confirmed that while they attended the scene, there is no Garda investigation and that, as no one was injured, the incident is a civil matter that the parties involved can deal with themselves.