Cardiac First Responder group for Ennis

Cardiac First Responder group for Ennis


Noel Mahon Clare Co Co Electrician, Noel Carmody Clare Civil Defence, Cllr Mary Howard and Ken Butler, Irish Red Cross, Clare Branch – Photo: John Mangan

A new Defibrillator and Cardiac First Responder group has been established for the greater Ennis area.

This group is a collaboration between The Red Cross – Clare Branch, Clare Civil Defence, National Ambulance Service and supported by Cllr Mary Howard.

Cllr Howard said: “A local defibrillator group was set up a number of years ago and over the last few years very few of the original group were still located in the Ennis area. A number of the defibrillator units had been vandalised and it all appeared to be grim.

“Last year I had invited the Clare Branch of the Irish Red Cross into Clare County Council to brief us on their activities. Prior to that meeting I had a conversation with James Lafferty about the need for a co-ordinated defibrillator group, he agreed with me and we started to make a plan,” Cllr Howard added.

Since that conversation Ms Howard secured funding  to purchase  two new mobile defibrillators, along with a secure strong box for the new defibrillator that will be located at O’Connell Squar.

The new Cardiac First Responder Group is composed of members of Clare Civil Defence under the guidance of Noel Carmody, the Clare Branch of the Red Cross under Ken Butler and Mark Callanan from the National Ambulance Service along with Cllr Mary Howard.

Most cardiac arrests occur in the home and our new Cardiac First Responder Group will cover shifts. Once a call goes into 999 our First Responder Group will be notified along with the ambulance service and often times the first responders get to the patient before the ambulance.

“This is a very positive initiative, it was a joy to work with Ken, Noel and Mark as we all had a common goal- to play our part in ensuring Ennis is a safe place to be,” Cllr Howard said.