Trump visit showcased Shannon and West

Trump visit showcased Shannon and West


The visit of US President Donald Trump showcased the West of Ireland and Shannon Group’s airport company, Shannon Airport according to Group Chairman Rose Hynes.

Speaking after President Trump departed Shannon, Ms. Hynes said that the visit brought global attention to the airport, to Shannon Group and the wider region.

“The visit of the American President Donald Trump to Shannon further illustrates the deep ties between the West of Ireland and the United States.

“Shannon is the gateway airport to the Wild Atlantic Way and is critical for tourism and indeed, business in this region, not least in the context of the huge US multi-national footprint here. The visit has been a huge sign-post for Shannon, something that will grow awareness of the airport as the premier access to this wonderful part of Ireland.”

She added: “The visit was another significant page in Irish-US relations facilitated by Shannon.  The airport has hosted so many politicians, stars of stage and screen over the years from the US. Its location here gave rise to huge business and tourism investment in the Shannon area and wider West of Ireland region over the years. It was also the first airport in the world, outside of the Americas, to provide full US Preclearance facilities, making arrival in the US easier and faster.”

Mary Considine, Acting CEO, Shannon Group, paid tribute to the staff across the company for their input in the run-up to and across the three-day visit. “This was a massive logistical operation for our staff.  A visit of a US President across three days is a mammoth undertaking and the fact that this was handled so seamlessly by our staff and that the airport remained operational at all times, speaks volumes about their dedication.

“We are used to hosting famous people here, including every US President since John F. Kennedy, but to do it so well five times in three days was a massive achievement for all involved.”

Photo: Oisin McHugh True Media

Ms Considine said that the visit had put a spotlight on Shannon that has the potential to attract more tourists and investment into the region: “President Trump’s visit saw over 150 journalists, many of them from the US, arrive in Shannon.  Much of the interest, of course, was focussed on the actual visit itself, which drew the eyes of the world to Shannon Airport. Volumes have also been written and broadcast across the US and the world about the airport, its history in aviation, Shannon Group and its impact on the region.

“On top of that, there has been a huge focus on Doonbeg, which is now probably the best-known Irish village in the world, a level of attention that will, no doubt, drive more visitors it’s way and heighten awareness of the magnificent Wild Atlantic Way. This has been a great opportunity for us and for the region and one we intend to capitalise on.”

“We have deep ties with the US, which are supported by our extensive range of direct transatlantic services that are the envy of airports across Europe.  This visit, and the attention it is bringing will do much to support those services.”