Quilty Holiday Cottages up for national award

Quilty Holiday Cottages up for national award


Quilty Holiday Cottages are one of the finalists in the Best Holiday Lodge Of The Year category of The Hotel Awards Ireland 2019

The event is powered by Creative Oceanic but voted for by travellers and residents who wanted to show their appreciation to their favourite hotels across the country.

The awards night will take place on Monday 21st October in Dublin and will welcome the best businesses of the country’s hospitality sector that work hard to provide memorable experiences to their guests.

The Hotel Awards Ireland 2019 will shine the spotlight on the top hotels that offer excellent services to their guests, from the process of checking in and out, to room services and hotel ambience.

They will also reward the industry professionals that demonstrate constant evolution and innovation in the market, earning the respect of all within the hospitality sector.

The awards will acknowledge city hotels that are the perfect fit for business trips or city breaks, romantic hotels that keep the romance in the air, boutique hotels known or their lovely atmosphere, bed and breakfast hotels that combine class and style at the same time and family hotels amongst other that can be the perfect choice for the whole family.

Quilty Holiday Cottages is one of the finalists in the Best Holiday Lodge Of The Year category. Quilty Holiday Cottages will find out if they will be crowned the winner and take the trophy home at the elegant ceremony, taking place in October.

Speaking about the award nomination, Patrick & Jennifer from Quilty Holiday Cottages have said: “This is a huge achievement for our family run business to be a finalist for this category and it is very rewarding to see that we are getting such great recognition for our holiday complex, it shows that all the hard work pays off!”

A Spokesperson for The Hotel Awards Ireland 2019 said: ”Working for the hospitality industry can be challenging at times and these awards aim to recognise those who have succeeded in this sector, despite the difficulties.

“There are professionals who have dedicated their whole career in creating memories and experiences that will stay with their guests forever. These are the people that we try to showcase and give the recognition they deserve.

“The awards will provide a platform to thank those who have contributed to making Ireland a great place for visitors and give to the protagonists the exposure they need to expand their business in this competitive sector.

We would like to congratulate all the finalists for their nomination and we wish them the best of luck.”

Quilty Holiday Cottages