Loophead Lighthouse lease renewed for 25 years

Loophead Lighthouse lease renewed for 25 years


An agreement has been signed between the Commissioner of Irish Lights and Clare County Council to lease the property at the Loophead Lighthouse premises for a further term of 25 years.

Clare County Council manages Loophead Lighthouse Visitor Experience in conjunction with the Commissioners of Irish Lights, since its reopening to the public as a visitor attraction in 2011. The popular tourist attraction attracts approx 27,000 visitors annually. It has helped to strengthen the profile, both nationally and internationally, of the wider Loop Head Peninsula and what it has to offer as a tourism destination.

Loophead Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Shannon Estuary, which is one of two “Signature Discovery Points” in County Clare along the route of the Wild Atlantic Way.

This Lighthouse is one of 68 lighthouses operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights around the coast of Ireland and continues to provide a vital role in maritime safety today.  The new 25 year lease, which has been signed between the Commissioners of Irish Lights and Clare County Council is for the property surrounding the lighthouse with a licence agreement in place for the lighthouse tower.

Mr. Pat Dowling, Chief Executive of Clare County Council confirmed that this agreed lease extension provides the way forward to rejuvenate the tourism offering at Loophead Lighthouse, which will benefit the local communities and businesses of loophead peninsula and he noted that the Council look forward to continued collaborative working with the Commissioner of Irish Lights.

Mr. Dave Ward, Commercial Services Manager with the Commissioner of Irish Lights highlighted that ‘This lease renewal between the local authority and commissioners of Irish lights will allow for the development of a stronger tourism offering at Loophead and as such will further enhance the Great Lighthouses of Ireland brand. This brand is an all-Ireland initiative showcasing twelve of our lighthouses in stunning locations’.

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