Support sought to complete Kilrush war-dead memorial

Support sought to complete Kilrush war-dead memorial


Kilrush and District Historical Society, in partnership with Kilrush Tidy Towns, has been fundraising to erect a memorial to men from the area who fought in the First World War.

At least 476 men from Kilrush enlisted to fight and the number of casualties was high. 95 died and 24 more deaths were unrecorded.

They hailed from all parts of Kilrush. For instance, The Glen lost 10 men while 21 were wounded. Pound St/Hector St. lost 18 men with 27 wounded. Moore St. lost 13 men with 8 being wounded.

Grace St. lost 10 men with 11 wounded. Burton St. lost 11 men with 9 wounded. The Glen, a street with 55 dwellings, provided an amazing 69 soldiers. Mothers lost sons, wives lost husbands, children lost fathers. The loss of so many young Kilrush men was devastating.

Fundraising began in 2017 and the memorial is nearing completion, however, additional funds to bring it over the line.

A spokesperson said: “We are appealing to Kilrush residents and diaspora to help us erect this important and timely memorial to the men who gave their lives so that we may live in peace. Please donate what you can and let us give these young men the recognition that they deserve.”

Anyone who wishes to make a donation can do so here.