People with Covid presenting at pharmacies

People with Covid presenting at pharmacies


Concern has been expressed that members of the public are presenting at pharmacies while experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

The HSE has said: “There is concern within community pharmacy in the Mid West in relation to Covid-19, with many members of the public attending their local pharmacy with symptoms. There are also reports of non-attendance or even reluctance to attend for testing.

With that in mind, we are reminding people:

– Do not attend a pharmacy, GP or hospital if you have symptoms of Covid-19, are awaiting a test/result, are a close contact of a confirmed case or are a confirmed case of Covid-19

– Attend for a test if advised to do so by your GP

– If you have flu like symptoms, it is highly likely that you have Covid-19 and must contact your GP. Pharmacists can help with symptom management once your GP has been contacted, but you must not attend the pharmacy. The Pharmacist will consult over the telephone.

– Pharmacies are operating differently, with reduced access to the pharmacy in many cases. It is important to ring ahead and order prescriptions and other items to limit contact

Use Community Call to pick up messages from the pharmacy:

Clare County Council – 1800 203 600    

Limerick Local Authorities – 1800 832 005    

Tipperary County Council – 0761 06 5000