Regina House residents and staff get Covid vaccine

Regina House residents and staff get Covid vaccine


Sheila Robertson, an 87 year-old woman from Kilkee, has become the first person in Regina House Community Nursing Unit to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

She got the vaccine today at Regina House alongside healthcare workers from the Unit who were also vaccinated.

Sheila stated that “the atmosphere in Regina House this morning was like people had won the lottery, everyone was so happy to be receiving the vaccine”

Patrick Kelly is a HCA working in Regina House Community Nursing Unit and is the first healthcare worker in Regina House to get the COVID vaccine. He said as he received his vaccine:  “I feel very privileged to be the first person in Regina House to receive the vaccine. Like everyone else I have been waiting for the vaccine”

All Staff, residents and their families were given a HSE vaccine information leaflet, along with more detailed manufacturer’s patient information leaflet, before getting the vaccine. Afterwards, each person vaccinated was given a vaccine record card, showing the name and batch of the vaccine they have received. They will each return for their second dose, to be fully protected, in three weeks.

Assumpta McMahon, Director said today: We are delighted to be one of the first Community Nursing Units to receive the vaccine for both residents and Staff and uptake has been 100%. It is a very positive step towards an improvement in the quality of life for all in Regina House and gives us great encouragement to continue with adherence to Public Health Guidelines which have kept us safe so far.

Mary O’Brien, Head of Service, Older Persons, HSE Mid West Community Healthcare said today: ‘I am delighted to see the roll out of the COVID vaccine to the first 2 Community Nursing Units in the Midwest. The remaining units will received the first dose of the vaccine in the next few weeks. All Residents and staff welcome this and are delighted to receive the vaccine, uptake is really high overall’.

Anne Ryan, Head of Service, Health and Well-Being & HSE Mid West Community Healthcare Covid-19 Vaccination Lead, said: ‘Today is a momentous occasion for us all in the Mid-West as we begin administering the vaccine which will offer protection from coronavirus.

We are looking forward to working with all residential facilities across the Midwest to provide this vital protection for residents and staff.  2020 has been a difficult and demanding one. We now embark on the rollout of the vaccine which offers hope for a better future and a safe and healthy 2021’.

Worldwide, vaccines save at least 2-3 million lives each year – and protect many more from crippling and lifelong illnesses. Only COVID-19 vaccines that have been authorised by the European Medicines Agency, having met stringent safety and effectiveness standards, will be used in Ireland. All COVID-19 vaccines will be carefully monitored over time and updated safety data and information will be published and shared by the HSE, on our website and in our printed information materials.

Everyone can find factual, up-to-date information, based on scientific evidence at: