Go WiLD at glór this July

Go WiLD at glór this July


Rhys Warrington - WiLd! - Photo by Brian Slater DSC_7500 [1604141]glór in association with Ennis Street Arts Festival present WiLd!, written by Evan Placey and presented by renowned U. K. based children’s theatre company, tutti frutti.

Children theatre company tutti frutti will perform their only Irish date in glór with a production called WiLd!, written by Canadian-British playwright Evan Placey. Aimed at children aged eight upwards, WiLd! will be performed by Rhys Warrington, accompanied by musician Molly Lopresti, and will portray the fragility of a misunderstood boy who lives within his wild imagination, presented in a “sensitive, empathetic, but fun and accessible way”.

WiLd! tells the story of 10-year-old Billy, who has been diagnosed with ADHD and brilliantly captures Billy’s world from his funny, quirky distracted view of the world. Billy lives with his Mum while his Dad and elder brother no longer live at home. Billy decides to look after the bee hive that belonged to his Dad, trying to stop the bees from swarming and hoping his Dad will recognise that he has done a good thing – perhaps this might persuade Dad to return?

The play deals with family relationships, friendships and school life, and through Billy telling the story we learn how it feels to be different. We go through his experiences with him and learn about what is happening in his life and about his obsession with his bee hive. Through learning about Billy we gain insight into his condition ADHD and its treatments.

Full programme details for the Ennis Street Arts Festival, including further details on WiLd! are available on www.glor.ie