Good turn-out for cycle safety event

Good turn-out for cycle safety event


Garda Rosaleen O’Connor and Garda Seamus Gleeson with some of those who attended todays event

Members of Clare’s Garda Divisional Traffic Corp held a cycle awareness event in the Abbey Street Car Park in Ennis today in association with Clare County Council’s road safety office.

An articulated truck was parked on site to highlight the existence of ‘Blind Spots’ around high-sided vehicles. The initiative was part of Irish Road Safety Week 2016.

In Ireland’s urban areas, between 2007 and 2015, 54 Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) including cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists were killed in collisions involving trucks. Collisions involving trucks accounted for 20% of urban VRU fatalities.

According to Barry Keating, Road Safety Officer for Clare County Council: “Due to their size and design, a truck has significant blind spots that present a danger to vulnerable road users.

A driver’s field of vision, within a cab, is limited; the area immediately in front, behind and to the left of the vehicle is often hidden from view and cyclists and pedestrians are at an increased risk of being struck.”

Garda Rosaleen O’Connor of the Clare Garda Traffic Corps said: “Over the past few years, the number of cyclists on our roads has increased and so too has the number of cycling-related injuries and fatalities.


Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road-users so it is vital that safety measures, such as a helmet and high-visibility clothing, are taken when out on the roads, as well as abiding by the Rules of the Road.”

“I would also appeal to drivers to ensure they exercise caution and consideration when sharing the roads with cyclists. In particular, reduce your speed when you approach a cyclist as this could be the difference between life and death in the event of a collision,” Gda O’Connor added.